VAO History Study Material In Tamil PDF Download

VAO History Study Material In Tamil PDF Download

Studying Indian history for competitive exams is a gruesome task. It involves a lot of data and details about so many individuals and their contributions. All this details leads to cluttering of information in minds and confusion in exams even after going through the material thoroughly. This situation can be helped by sorting information according to various heads, and then revising it multiple times for retention in memory. Under this endeavor to sort things out in Indian history, we at exampariksha, have compiled study material and notes about Important Poets in Ancient Indian History for quick revision.

Ancient Indian literature has been a crowning glory for our civilization showcasing the immense amount of talent and expertise shown by the masters themselves. Probably no other part of the world has produced such huge amount of  literature containing knowledge and wisdom. Ancient Indian poets have entailed various degrees of minute details of their surrounding, as well as their imagination. These have also been a hugely important source of documenting Indian history of ancient times. But these descriptions have to be considered with caution while keeping in mind that majority of these poets produced their works under patronage of a ruler. Therefore, their works are usually biased towards their patrons.

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