TNPSC VAO Exam Physics Study Material PDF Download

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TNPSC VAO Exam Physics Study Material PDF Download

Physics is the science that describes the working of the nature using the language of mathematics. It is often considered the most vital of all the natural sciences and its theories attempt to describe the behavior of the smallest building blocks of matter, light, the Universe and everything in between.

Physics has always been the most interesting subject in IIT JEE and other engineering entrance exams preparation. A survey was conducted in 5 IIT’s amongst the IIT students who cleared IIT JEE. The results clearly tilted in favor of physics as around 45% students consider physics as most interesting subject under IIT JEE. Physics is followed by mathematics 35% and then chemistry 20%.

A quantity in the general sense is a property ascribed to phenomena, bodies, or substances that can be quantified for, or assigned to, a particular phenomenon, body, or substance. Examples are mass and electric charge. A quantity in the particular sense is a quantifiable or assignable property ascribed to a particular phenomenon, body, or substance. Examples are the mass of the moon and the electric charge of the proton. A physical quantity is a quantity that can be used in the mathematical equations of science and technology. A unit is a particular physical quantity, defined and adopted by convention, with which other particular quantities of the same kind are compared to express their value. The value of a physical quantity is the quantitative expression of a particular physical quantity as the product of a number and a unit, the number being its numerical value.

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