TNPSC Exam MaanavaN Time Table October Month Day 5 11.Oct.2017

TNPSC Exam MaanavaN Time Table October Month Day 5 11.Oct.2017

Material physics is the use of physics to describe the physical properties of materials. It is a synthesis of physical sciences such as chemistry, solid mechanics, solid state physics, and materials science. Materials physics is considered a subset of condensed matter physics and applies fundamental condensed matter concepts to complex multiphase media, including materials of technological interest.

Current fields that materials physicists work in include electronic, optical, and magnetic materials, novel materials and structures, quantum phenomena in materials, nonequilibrium physics, and soft condensed matter physics. New experimental and computational tools are constantly improving how materials systems are modeled and studied and are also fields when materials physicists work in.

Chemistry basically deals with the study of atoms and molecules.  Almost every branch of science is based on chemistry. Chemistry combines with biology to make biochemistry, with physics it forms physical chemistry. In short, we cannot do anything in applied science without use of chemical and thus chemistry!!

Chemistry is one such subject which can assure you guaranteed marks in IIT JEE  if you have prepared well. Most of the topics in chemistry are not very much twisted and get tested directly.

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