The Story of Nobel Prize PDF Free Download

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The Story of Nobel Prize PDF Free Download

The Story of Nobel Prize

Every year on December 10th, the entire world’s attention is focused on the Nobel Prize. The prize gives the leading authority to scientists, the highest honor to writers, the best respect to economists and the highest honor to one person who works toward peace in the world. However, no matter what the excellent things are, there are always hidden faces. Likewise, Alfred Bernard Nobel and the Nobel Prize also have interesting back-stories. Is the common knowledge about Nobel true? ‘Nobel invented dynamite to help with mining, but it was exploited as a weapon for war. Nobel was really shocked. So, he created the Nobel Foundation and donated all his property as an apology to society.’ This is what most people know about Nobel. However, when we think about Nobel’s background a bit more deeply, we can realize the facts are different. Of course, we can’t deny that the dynamite helped in mining. But Nobel grew up under his father, who delivered munitions. It means that since childhood, Nobel witnessed his father creating weapons used in wars. Consequently, the idea that Nobel invented dynamite simply for mining seems awkward.

The Story of Nobel Prize PDF Free Download

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