Historical Years In Tamil PDF Download – TNPSC Study Notes

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 Historical Years In Tamil PDF Download – TNPSC Study Notes

The 1st of January was not always recognised as marking the start of the year. In fact, until 1751, the civil (and ecclesiastical and legal) year was considered in England and Wales to begin on Lady Day, the 25th of March. This can create ambiguity, because for dates between the 1st of January and the 25th of March the historical year does not match the civil year. 1752 was the first year in England and Wales, in which the civil or legal year began on 1st January. In Scotland, however, the New Year was celebrated on 1st January in 1600 for the first time, creating a discrepancy between the nations of Great Britain during the period 1600-1751.

Historical Years In Tamil
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