The Election Commission In India | Indian Constitution Audio Material

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The Election Commission In India | Constitution Audio Material

The Election Commission In India

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Election Commission Of India

  • Election Commission of India is a permanent Constitutional body.Election Commission of India Is established by constitution Of India Directly to ensure free and fair Election in India .Originally the commission had only a Chief Election Commissioner.
  • Since inception in 1950 And Till 15 October 1989 it was a single Member Body , Consisting Chief Election Commissioner of India .
  • In 1989 President of india appoint two more Election Commissioner to Cop with Increased work of election Commission Of India On Account of Lowering voting Age from 21 Years to 18 Years .
  • Thereafter Election Commission Worked As Multiple member body .
  • But Two posts of Election commission were Again abolished In 1990 And Election commission Was Reverted to Earlier Position of Single member Body.
  • Again in 1993 President Appoint two more election commissioners.
  • It currently consists of Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners.

Chief Election Commissioner:

  • The President of India appoints the Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners.
    Service conditions of Chief Election Commissioner:
  • Chief Election Commission shall be appointed for a term of 6 years or till he attain an age of 65 years or which of the two is earlier.
  • He is ineligible for reappointment after his retirement.
  • He is ineligible to hold any office of profit under the State after his retirement.
  • His salary, allowances and pensions are charged under Consolidated Fund of India (CFI).
  • His salaries, allowances and pensions cannot be reduced except during a financial emergency.



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