75 Years of Quit India Movement In Tamil

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75 Years of Quit India Movement In Tamil

75 Years of Quit India Movement

On the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement on Tuesday, both the Congress and BJP paid homage to the watershed moment. While the Congress Working Committee passed a resolution reiterating the importance of the Quit India Movement, BJP’s youth wing planned a ‘Bharat Jodo Abhiyan’ (Unite India Campaign) to mark its 75th anniversary. During this politically charged time, it is important to remember Mahatma Gandhi’s words on 8 August, 1942 in Bombay (now Mumbai) ahead of the Quit India Movement, in which he asked people to adopt ahimsa (non-violence) during the struggle for India’s independence. Before you discuss the resolution, let me place before you one or two things, I want you to understand two things very clearly and to consider them from the same point of view from which I am placing them before you. I ask you to consider it from my point of view, because if you approve of it, you will be enjoined to carry out all I say. It will be a great responsibility. There are people who ask me whether I am the same man that I was in 1920, or whether there has been any change in me. You are right in asking that question.

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